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How Much Does Animation Cost ?

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If you’re asking yourself, ” How much does Animation Cost ? ” you’re in the right place. There are many factors that go into calculating animation pricing.
All projects are quoted separately because no two projects are alike. In general, pricing varies depending on the visual style technique you pick (3D,  or 3D mixed with Live Video,), the length of video, and the complexity of the subject being  presented. The following provides general pricing guidelines. 

Factors that influence Animation cost :
Total Length – Longer Total Run time on projects are generally more expensive to produce. Shorter Projects are less expensive.

Content – More objects on the screen, more detailed environments, more realistic lighting is more work. Less detail and less movement per scene is less work.

Number of Custom or purchased Assets needed – Sometimes there are pre-made 3d models we can purchase for your animation. We look to include these items whenever possible. 
Sometimes online stores sell 3D Models that are pre-made. What may have taken 20-40 hours to model is sometimes available as a greatly discounted price.
When we find appropriate 3d models for use on your project, we pass the savings on to you.
Creative Development and Planning Hours – Sometimes plans look better on paper, but when you create visuals from them you realize visuals don’t look or transition naturally as you are used to seeing them do in films or ads.
Don’t worry! We can help you through this planning phase. We can offer light guidance and reference or take a more heavy handed approach. It’s your choice! The more you think through your idea a higher quality product results.

Render Quality – It takes more hours to produce visually stunning, polished, realistic looking 3D Animation. It takes more computers to crunch complex lighting algorithms.
Less hours are put into making an animation that is less realistic looking.

Style Quality – Is there a specific look you love? Whether something is realistic looking or not, if you have a very specific look you want to match, that will take more time than if you are not as particular. For example: if you want to produce 3D spokesperson with a solid background and  a product or promoting a service that would take less hours than a 3D animation with more characters and more detailed backgrounds.

Approval Processes – Is the project going to be start/stop? Or will feedback and approval of designs be available same or next day?

Tips on how to save $$ when producing your Animation:
Stay organized – Having reference for what kind of Animation you want or like helps us produce animation you’ll love.

Plan – Think through the timing of your animation, what you want to see in each scene, and what will be seen or heard in your animation.
Don’t have time for this? We offer creative development services so we can do this work for you! Ask us for more details about this service.

Take your time – Costs go up during rush jobs. Many standard animation jobs can take 4-6 weeks. More complex jobs can take 2-4 months. Can we do all this in 2 -3  weeks? Yes, no problem in most situations; however, increases cost may occur 
when you need  your job by a specific due date.

When your ready  or if you have more questions  call us at (417) 483-8044 or email us at

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